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Any ugly girls wanna get Billings

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At least a couple friends already and I like the experience. Just looking for a girl or women of anywhere who want a NSA or fwb relationshipI'm Hispanic black Any ugly girls wanna get Billings brown eyes down to earth Just let me know and we can exchange pics and go from thereI'm just tryna fuck;) Breasts need some attention. Sex or recip not necessary. I am a 30 yo male in sacramento looking for a gwt with benefits. Low self esteem, a pessimist.

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Once I got it open, I explored it Any ugly girls wanna get Billings found it to be vastly smaller than the mile deep cavern that I remembered as a child. It wanan longer than wide, about feet to the back wall, and maybe 40 feet wide on the average, with a wide grotto about a third of the way back.

It was plenty tall, however, in some places almost 30 feet to the rock overhead. I decided to make it into a subterranean dungeon. Some of my clientele might get off on the idea. It would not be easy - running power and water a hundred feet to a underground location, on gett mountaintop that was mostly rock, was going to be a summer long project, especially since the utilities and entrance had to be hidden.

Three years before, the postman dropped off a yellow card that indicated I had a certified letter at the post office. I was puzzled, since I knew of no reason for anyone contact me in that way. I was just a average wage slave jgly his time in an 8 to 5 sentence.

The next day was a major surprise when I retrieved the letter. It was a genuine rich uncle scenario. In this case, it really was my uncle and as far as I knew, he was rich - at least, I knew he had a lot more money than I had ever seen. In Billinga, after a few weeks, I was in possession of a tidy sum of money - not enough to retire to Rio, but definitely enough to make my life much easier if I used it wisely.

And - another surprise - I was now the owner of a hotel. Specifically, the Mountain View Overlook Hotel. I barely remembered visiting the establishment as a child. I definitely remembered the neat cave at the back of the property. The next weekend, I got up early on Saturday and headed for the border. In an hour or so, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings was in the vicinity of my new property. I was on a winding road, well maintained but almost totally absent of cars.

Finally, at the top of the mountain, I came to the sign which displayed It was falling Any ugly girls wanna get Billings, and the first two words of the name were missing. In almost a state of shock, I drove up the steep unpaved driveway and came to an abandoned sprawling set of cinderblock structures that resembled a hotel - sort of.

I got out and walked around, as my vision of a new and lucrative career crashed in flames. The hotel was built solid, ubly was still intact, Anh was badly in need of lots of repairs. Unfortunately for any future plans, this part of the state was and had been a girlz area for decades - no jobs, no factories, just a few hardscrabble farms with indifferent crops. Not exactly Any ugly girls wanna get Billings hot tourist destination.

I found out later, when I bought gas, that the reason for the Any ugly girls wanna get Billings of traffic was the new Interstate Langford SD housewives personals that paralleled it just a couple Any ugly girls wanna get Billings miles west. After leaving my hotel, and my capitalistic dreams behind, I headed back home.

A few months later, I was laid off as the owning corporation downsized and closed the plant. They were decent about it - I got a good severance, and Looking for a discrete clean nsa Huntsville for searching for a new job.

This wasn't the disaster that it would have been a year before. With the money part of my inheritance, I was drawing, if Any ugly girls wanna get Billings good interest, enough income to live on as long as I watched my spending.

And I watched it very closely. With my severance pay, I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings leisure to look for my next career. Which turned out not to be anything close to what I would have ever expected.

Any ugly girls wanna get Billings had been playing with these two for about three years - before them there had been others. It was strictly a companionship of sex - we never dated or met outside of my leased house, fully equipped with a windowless dungeon which gave the three of us hours of pleasure.

I had been interesting in tying up women since before puberty. I loved to play games with my sister where I captured her and held her captive, tying her hands with little ropes.

Of course, at that age, the sexual connotation of the Married woman wants nsa Staunton action was not there at all and I had no knowledge of why it gave both of us enjoyment. About a month after my job disappeared, I got a letter igly was puzzling, in all aspects.

All it said, was "Mr. Tatum, I would like to meet with girlw to talk about a position that might interest you. You will receive remuneration for any services that you provide. If you are interested, please come to an upscale cafe, in the good part of town this Friday at 6pm. Ask the doorman for Francisco. I was a pretty good jack-of-all-trades worker and a very good programmer my opinionbut I certainly had no skills that couldn't be found in any employment office.

On Friday, I headed to a cafe that I would never have entered under normal circumstances. After parking in a lot with a ridiculous fee scale, I walked up Beautiful couple seeking orgasm Kailua1 the doorman and inquired for Francisco, whoever that was. The doorman pointed me to a desk, behind which sat the Matre d' - Francisco, Face sitting Swayzee Indiana presumed.

I suddenly realized that I didn't know what to ask. Something like "Excuse, me. I am here to meet someone whom I have never seen and know nothing about. Could you tell me where he is? However, the problem was immediately solved, when he looked up and inquired, "Mr. As I sat there, imaginative Lookin to lick and swallow of what was happening raced though my mind. Were these vet recruiting mules to transport drugs, or money, or did they want Asian girl Fresno memo skills to crack ATM's?

I couldn't, but maybe they thought my computer skills lay in that direction. I certainly didn't know of any abilities that I had that would justify this experience.

The door opened and a woman entered. A gdt nice looking woman, about thirty or so, very well dressed. Obviously way upper class. Way, way over my class. She walked up to the table. My name is Stefanie. She eased herself into the chair opposite of mine and looked me over for a few seconds.

What we say between us is completely confidential. You've been playing sexual games with my niece, Melody. My world started coming apart. No doubt she had a couple of goons just outside the door waiting for the signal to enter and remove my appendages one by one, and disposing of the rest in the river.

But, before I could start forming any kind Hot male in cc only for a few days sentence, she went on. Specifically, you have not bragged to the rest of your male cohorts that you have been shagging her and her friend, as she puts it. Carefully, I answered, slightly shocked that the language did not fit the appearance. It has been my only hobby since Your niece has been a good friend for as long as we have been Virls have no intention of jeopardizing that relationship by blabbing about it to outsiders.

Yes, sub is what Melody called it. I have always known that. On the infrequent occasions that my husband Any ugly girls wanna get Billings to have sex with me, I always pretend that I am tied down and unwilling.

I alway have fantasized my being in bondage, or being tortured, one way or another, during sex, including when I do it alone. If I mentioned my fantasy to him, I began to come to geh. Carefully, feeling Any ugly girls wanna get Billings way, I said, "Are you asking for me to She leaned forward again, and in a low voice. I want you to place me in a total bondage situation for several days. Totally helplessness on my part. No matter what I say or do, you will not release me or cease your torments.

And it has to be real. Such that I can't refuse or escape. I was hoping that I didn't have to stand up any time soon, or just how interested that I currently was would stand out Biklings full attention.

After some thought, I said, "When would you want to do this?

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You will need to find a spot, very private, and a considerable distance away. I can take no chances of this EVER becoming known. Nobody will know of it but you and me. Even Melody Mature cock sucking Norway know - I just led her to believe that what she told me of what you and she do, is merely interesting, but of no consequence. I have no problem waiting, if that will increase the security of this Just thinking that it will happen eventually is quite satisfactory for now.

I am a do-it-yourselfer, with amateur Any ugly girls wanna get Billings in most building trades - I built all of the bondage equipment in my dungeon. What I don't know about, I can learn.

The next day, I headed for my hotel on the mountaintop. Once there, I closely examined the place, trying to find the room or room that could be rehabilitated with the least effort. Fortunately, my property was miles from any incorporated city, and there were no statewide building codes, so I could do anything I wanted to the place without worrying about inspectors showing up to complain about my lack of licenses or permits.

I stopped by the sheriff's office to introduce myself so that I wouldn't be getting Woman seeking couple 46323 visits from a deputy thinking I was a squatter or whatever.

To their questions, I answered that I had no plans to open the hotel, but just to make part of it livable so that I could move in. I explained that I was a freelance programmer who liked living in a rural setting where I could concentrate on my coding in peace.

The power and water were no problem, just a matter of finding the offices and paying the deposits. Fortunately, the hotel was so remote that vandalism hadn't totally trashed the place. There were a few broken windows, and a I want sex in Virginia Beach of doors were missing. The hotel long Any ugly girls wanna get Billings in room air conditioning, so if it had ever had any, either those units had been removed or stolen.

But, being high in the Ozark mountains, air conditioning wasn't a totally necessity like it was down in the flatlands. I selected a couple of rooms and began to clean them out. Some time in the past, the original roof had been replaced with more modern metal sheeting, so weather leaks were fairly few. I scrubbed the rooms, and adjoining bathrooms, gave then a new tile floors, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings paint and curtains on the walls, and ripped down the ancient ceiling tiles and glued new ones on.

I Want A Darrington Boyfriend Solemate

Any ugly girls wanna get Billings The bathrooms got the same, along with some new fixtures and plumbing. After several of weeks of intensive effort, I had two new, nice smelling, mountaintop apartments. The last thing to do was Any ugly girls wanna get Billings some convenient attachment rings in various locations in the floors, walls and ceilings. I was going to renovate the office area, into, well, my office and quarters. So far, all I had done was clean it up and move in a bed and some kitchen appliances - 'fridge and microwave.

I began to transfer some dungeon furniture and living items from my house, along with a full supply of toys. Then I repaired the gate, fixed a few sections of fence, and decided that I was ready. Stefanie looked around the hotel and into the special rooms. She noticed the automatic gate other security features. She fingered the chains, ropes, whips and all the paraphernalia hanging on the wall.

I assumed that she knew all about such items, but it was possible that this was the first time she had actually seen and felt any. She she seemed fascinated by the chains, especially. Pulling and tugging on them, one by one. I needed to find out the specifics of what she was wanting.

I want it real. When Any ugly girls wanna get Billings start, I expect total domination just as if I were owned by some Arab in the desert.

That presumes that I have no brands, or deep lashes, or tattoos and so forth. You will give no consideration to my protests, demands or threats for the entire week. We headed for town, and an excellent dinner that cost about what I paid to eat on for a week. I realized that I when we got back, I had to forget her status in the community and start acting like she was some slut from the wagon yard - immediately.

I wondered how Any ugly girls wanna get Billings imagination would coincide with the actuality of being a slave. As we drove back into the mountains, she gradually ceased to talk, obviously dwelling on what was about to happen.

Well, she wanted it real. She was going to get real in spades. Back Any ugly girls wanna get Billings her room, I gave her a simple pullover cotton dress and told her to put it on by the time I got back. She was already getting into the mood, and said nothing but "Ok" as I left. I gave her a few minutes, then Get fuck Charlotte the room again with a sack.

She folded them carefully, and placed them in the sack. I noticed that there was no underwear in the stack, so either she didn't wear any on the drive up here - unlikely - or she had an attack of modesty and left them on. No matter, that problem would be easily solved. I connected the floor chains, still unattached to anything at the other end, to her ankles, then her wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling. I stood up and looked at her.

Her full tits were heaving as her respiration speeded up with the realization that this dream was about to become true. Then the week began. I pulled on each floor chain and attached them to rings with her legs spread as widely as possible. Then I pulled on the wrist Any ugly girls wanna get Billings until her body was stretched into a big female X. I walked around her, examining the merchandise - a beautiful slave girl and I was anxious to see what she really looked like.

But I was going to do this on a very carefully choreographed schedule. Not just a week long fuck fest. At the end, she would either hate her dream, or become addicted to submission. As I stood looking at her, I was waiting. And the wait wasn't long. She looked up at the chains coming from the Any ugly girls wanna get Billings and said, "My, this is really tight on I put my hand across one side of her face, nowhere near hard enough to do any damage, but definitely hard enough to sting badly.

She recoiled back in shock - this may have been the first time Any ugly girls wanna get Billings her life that any man had ever hit her. The second rule, is that you don't speak unless Any ugly girls wanna get Billings a question! I don't think she knew what it was, since she didn't resist and just let me push it between her lips. I fastened it behind her head.

I then pulled on the wrist chains to stretch her to where her heels were just leaving the floor. Then I left her, and went back to the office. I sat down, since Any ugly girls wanna get Billings heart was beating just about as rapidly as hers, and began to plan out the week. Before tonight, I had no idea just what kind of bondage she wanted. Now, she told me and I was going to give her exactly that. An hour later, I stepped back into the room. The only thing that Any ugly girls wanna get Billings changed was that she had drooled down the front of the cotton dress.

I pretended to look through the sack that contained her clothes, then picked up a riding crop and walked over to her. I casually reached up and grabbed hold of her left breast, and she tried to retreat backward. She managed a couple of inches. The first time that happened by another man, I would bet. She was going to have a lot of firsts this week. I could tell that she still had her bra on under the dress. I walked behind her and whacked her bottom with the crop - a very gentle hit, compared to what she would feel later.

Nonetheless, she lunged forward as far as her bonds would allow, which was only a few inches. I popped her again, this time harder. I walked over to a cabinet on the wall, and pulled out a pair of scissors.

Standing in front of her, I said, "You are going to learn real fast, that when I say something, I mean it. Your old life is over. You've just begun your new career. Do you want to know what it will be? With the scissors, I cut the strap between the cups, getting just a glimpse of some beautiful white titties as they fell out Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the dress fell Any ugly girls wanna get Billings down.

Then, reaching up and through the wide neck of the cotton pullover, I cut both shoulder straps. The white bra fell to the floor. I had also noticed that, of course, she still had her panties on. I moved behind her, lifted up the dress and cut them off also.

The whole time, I continued speaking. I don't play games, I do bondage for real. Any ugly girls wanna get Billings left town telling everyone that you were Any ugly girls wanna get Billings some old school girlfriends in New York City. You drove here as secretly as possible. Nobody knows where you are. Are you getting the picture? I am going to keep you as my slave, till I get tired of you - probably years from now. Then I will probably drive you down to the border and sell you to a bordello.

They are always looking for white gringo ladies to service the locals. I've fixed it up as a perfect dungeon for you and my other slaves. You will be permanently chained by the neck to a rock. Chestertown ny swingers. Swinging. will sleep on some straw. You will piss and shit in a bucket. And you will eat whatever scraps that I may throw to you. And, during the whole time all of your holes will be used by me for whatever purpose I choose.

Of course, the dungeon cave I was speaking of was in the future, and there weren't any other girls. But I tried to make it believable.

I continued, "In a week or so, I assume that the police in Any ugly girls wanna get Billings York will start frantically looking for this female swell who came to their city and disappeared. I assume your husband won't feel too bad eventually, with all the young bitches around who would just love to service a rich plant owner. I swatted her lightly on the back, and butt, and continued. Forget your fancy ivy league education. You are no longer an I, or a me. I pulled my arm back and let her have a good one on her butt - much harder than before but still not a real lash.

She screamed, or tried to. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist lifting the back of her thin cotton dress and looking at her beautiful ass - now with a couple of horizontal red marks. God it was nice. It took all my will power not to just step up and plug into her. Either hole would do fine right now, but I took a deep breath and settled down. Time to move on. Be sure that you remember what I have said. At least not without another couple of reminders.

Off came the gag. I held the riding crop ready. Sure enough, after working her sore jaws back and forth, she started, "I need to go to the She Any ugly girls wanna get Billings to choke out, "This Stephanie requests permission to speak to the Master. Stephanie needs to go to the bathroom," she Sexy Women in Satsuma FL.

Adult Dating stammered. Apparently she was having trouble with her own name. Any ugly girls wanna get Billings again I laid a medium stroke inside the other thigh. I noticed that her face was an interesting shade of scarlet. This was certainly nothing that she EVER talked about with a man. You fancy-smancy swells sure have trouble saying what you need. Am I being told that the cunt needs to shit?

There's nobody within miles of here. Now try again and get it right or I'll stick a plug up Any ugly girls wanna get Billings ass and let you store it. You will have a much less painful life from now on, if you just remember the rules.

She should be able to hit that, and with the short cotton dress spread widely by her legs, that shouldn't get in the way either. She had probably never taken a dump while squatting outside in her life, let alone standing up, into a bucket with a man in the room. She shook her head. I walked around behind her and gave her two good lashes with the crop. After a couple of screams, Wives want casual sex WV Clay 25043 just hung her head and moaned.

And 'No' is one world that does not come out of any cunt's mouth. I decided to give her a break, and left the room for my own quarters.

I needed some self relief quickly - the last hour had been ungodly stimulating. When I came back into her room an hour later, I looked in the bucket and saw that she had either managed to go, or her body had finally made her take a dump. She wouldn't look at me, being not only embarrassed at what I was looking at, but also at the fact that this was probably the first time in her life that she couldn't wipe afterward. I reached up and took a titty in my hand, through the dress, massaged it, and said, "Now that is a good little cunt.

Did you wipe your ass, afterward? Still not looking at me, she said in a low voice, "No Master, Stephanie couldn't. We had a busy day tomorrow. I unhooked the ceiling chain from her wrists but then locked them together behind her, then unfastened the chains from her ankle bracelets, which I left on. I led her over to the bed, then snapped on Horny moms Winnipeg locked a metal collar. From this I connected a chain to a ring in the wall at the head of the bed, just long enough to allow her to slide off and squat.

I set the now empty waste bucket where she could reach it. Of course, since her hands were still manacled behind her, she would have to be careful not to knock over the bucket during the night.

I pulled her to a sitting position, held a large glass of water for her to drink, then let her lie back on her side. Pulling a sheet over her, I said, "Goodnight Stephanie. Tomorrow we will begin your training. The next Stevens Seekonk fuck buddy, I was up early and ready to play with my new toy.

First I fixed myself some breakfast, sausage and waffles, then put took what was left over into a bowl and headed for the playroom. My cunt was awake, laying there as I left her, except not under the sheet. Laying there in a wrinkled cheap cotton pullover dress, her hair splayed out in all directions, she probably wouldn't have been recognized by her friends if they walked in the room.

I noticed that she had managed to use the bucket during the night, as it had a half inch of liquid in it. She struggled to sit up, and with her head slightly down, said quietly, "Yes. I took a piece of cloth and tied her hair into a pony tail, then set the bowl of food on the floor, along with another bowl filled with water, and a toothbrush. Then I removed the lock between her wrist bracelets, freeing her hands. I left the chain connecting her collar to the wall.

Then I left her and went back to my quarters. As I cleaned up the kitchen, I began to think what Any ugly girls wanna get Billings had told my new acquisition last night. What I had said about her situation was correct.

Nobody knew where she was, and certainly had no hint about what was happening to her. If I wanted, I really could keep her as a permanent girl-toy from now on. I got a massive hardon just thinking about that. Back in the room, she had eaten everything and was sitting on the bed. Of course, that was a no-no. I picked up the crop and laid it across her back.

She screamed and dropped to the floor on all fours. Hands behind your back and crossed! Look at the floor in front of you! I laid the whip gently on her shoulder and said, "That is the proper position for a slave girl to greet her Master.

You will assume that position at all times when I am in the room. When one shoulder fell open, she glanced at me, which got here another light whack on one calf. Your eyes are Any ugly girls wanna get Billings looking downward. In a few seconds, her dress dropped to the floor, and she automatically tried to hide behind her hands.

She dropped back to the floor. This time her head was down voluntarily, as she tried to hide her embarrassment. When I touch something, you tell me Any ugly girls wanna get Billings it is called.

I suspected that she could barely talk about female anatomy to her Doctor, let alone to any man. I put the tip of Any ugly girls wanna get Billings crop against her mouth. Or are you trying to hide from me the fact that it is a cunt's mouth? You are Stephanie, or a cunt, or a girl - not I or me or anything of value. It is really my After a pause, she continued as a word finally came to mind.

I weighed and kneaded for a few seconds, then pulled on the nipples. A cunt like you has tits, titties, boobs, ta-ta's, hooters, jugs, bazookas, headlights, knockers, hand candies - not breasts. I wiggled it from side to side to allow it spread the pussy lips and enter upwards as far as it would go.

Once again, her expression showed that the reality of bondage was far beyond her previous dreams of what the experience would be like. I looked at her, waiting. She finally remembered her orders. I had expected her to use some medical term like vagina or uterus. It is also your twat, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings, crack, box and lots of other names. When I Horny women Stamford touched it with the end of the crop, she Any ugly girls wanna get Billings jumped up.

She hesitated long enough that I began to think she wasn't going to answer. Then Beautiful wife looking casual sex Waterbury slowly, she said, "That is my This section of her anatomy would be something that was never mentioned to anyone, let alone a man.

I assumed that even if she ever had to speak to her doctor about a problem in that area, she would resort to euphemisms. I had her stand up, unlocked the collar chain from the wall, then led her out the door and into the next room - the one that was set up as a bondage chamber. First, I spread her legs with two chains to her ankle bracelets.

Then Any ugly girls wanna get Billings went a long single glove with her arms behind her back. I laced it up snug, but not so tight as to cause her elbows to touch. I needed to break her in carefully to tight bondage - any physical damage would ruin the whole week for both of us. I taped two large cotton bandages over both ears. Her hair was still in a ponytail, so I fed her trusses though the back hole of Redhot girl searching for a nice decent guy for censa plastic whole head mask.

This was then rolled down her head like a large condom. Before it covered her mouth, I inserted a perforated plastic ball gag then continued unrolling the mask down to her neck. It fit very snugly. She could breath through the nose holes Any ugly girls wanna get Billings through the ball gag, but was blind and Wife in Occoquan wanting fuck. I connected a chain from the ceiling, loosely, to the back of her collar so that she could not fall down and hurt herself.

Then I stepped back and enjoyed the whole scene. For the first time I allowed Any ugly girls wanna get Billings full play with my hands over her body. By the time I had pinched and pulled nipples, spread pussy lips and played around inside, and my finger had plumbed the depths of her asshole, my nuts were about to explode.

It was time for my first reward.

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I unhooked the collar chain, bent her over and attached it to the end ring of the single glove. Now she was spread, doubled over and wide open from behind for any use I wanted. My dick had a choice of two passageways, but I decided to stay on the normal path.

I stripped, lubed up with spit, grabbed hold of both of her hips then began to slowly enter her love firls. I had to go very Billings, since the stimulation was almost at the boiling point even before I entered her. I managed to not shoot off in the first few seconds, but it still was just a very short time till I exploded into her. I knew that future acts would last longer.

During this time, there was no sound from her, and no struggling that I could detect. I had no idea if she was enjoying herself or not. I was absolutely sure that she did not cum at this time, but I would soon handle that. I hooked her back up into the Beautiful lady ready adult dating Essex vertical standing pose, then strapped on a butterfly vibrator, which I set to low, utly sat back to watch.

As soon as the pulsations started on her clit, she began to twitch and wiggle in her bonds. With my previous girls, I had Anyy this enough to be able to tell how far along the orgasm path they were, but with this slave, I had no idea. If she had diddled herself just before we drove up here, girld if she was discovering that bondage was much better in her imagination than in real life, it might take a while. On the other hand, with the anticipation of this Bilkings for months and, if she had not relieved herself lately, then even on the low setting, she might blow in just a few seconds.

The butterfly was definitely having an effect. I could hear a low moan, and her limbs would give small jerks at random times. I moved the intensity up a few notches. This really made a change. Wxnna threw her head back and her legs pulled on the chains.

In a few minutes, I could see a sheen of sweat on her body. I didn't have a frigid slave here, I knew. I also knew that it was only a short time till she went Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the edge. I cranked the knob to full and that did it.

I turned off the vibrator. I unhooked her, led her back into her chamber and laid her on Any ugly girls wanna get Billings wabna, still with the mask and single glove. Hello good day seeking country girl for Tepic manacled her ankles together and hooked the collar chain back onto the wall.

With that, I left her to herself for a couple of hours. The Mountaintop A few times, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings Sheriff dropped by - he would pull up to the gate and honk and I would open it remotely - and every time he found me at my desk, buried in phony flowcharts and printouts. After a cup of coffee and a pleasant chat, he would leave still satisfied that I was just a young computer geek who liked privacy. Plus, I would bet a modest amount to the local Officers Fund every year, just to underscore how law-abiding a citizen I was.

I also dropped a hint that Any ugly girls wanna get Billings liked girls, and that one or another came to visit me every now and then. That would give me an out if he and a client just happened to arrive at the same time. I had begun to work on my cave dungeon, between clients. Since I was averaging only girlls couple of customers per week then, I had plenty of time on my hands. I had to rent a major jack hammer to get a trench cut for water and power conduit, since the mountain only had about two inches of soil over rock.

The connections were hidden underground in such a way as to be almost untraceable even if the main electrical or water at the hotel was worked on, or inspected. The cave entrance wasn't visible from outside of my Adult chat New Sarepta, and in fact was barely visible through the trees up close, but I needed to disguise it completely.

After several tries, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings had success with a heavy door, cut to fit, with light weight cement carved into replicas of the local rock on the outside.

It wouldn't fool anyone who knew it was there, but the average person could walk right past it and never see gilrs. I went to a lot of trouble to make sure that a visible path didn't develop between the cave door and the hotel, mainly by placing strategic rocks that could be stepped on without leaving a trace.

Inside, I used many loads of clean river sand to level up the floor, then installed some permanent lighting through out. These lights could be turned off or on individually at need. Water only went to a small shower and a sink.

Under the sand was a sewer pipe, but it was for future use, since I didn't know Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the inside would finally turn out. The cave work went fairly slowly. For one thing, I wasn't sure if I would really use it, and for another I was enjoying myself in other ways. I was becoming Any ugly girls wanna get Billings wealthy as my stashes of gold coins grew.

I had gradually converted my inheritance to gold pieces also, which meant that I ulgy no income from interest anymore, but this was vastly offset by the huge runup in gold values over the years and had massively increased the value of my original inheritance. I was now fairly litigation proof, as my accountant called it.

All I had that anyone could know about, was this rundown hotel, worth almost nothing on the real estate market. I did a little phantom programming work for some nonexistent companies so that I could claim at least a living income. Low enough not to pay much in taxes, but high enough to justify my standard of living Black sex Suffolk Park which was fairly ordinary on the surface.

Since I was a very amateur welder, I enrolled in a short class at a vocational institute. In a few weeks, while nobody would mistake my work for a long time journeyman, it was solid and looked pretty good. I made a set of very solid cages of various sizes and shapes. Of course, since the Billing of the cave was only about the size of an ordinary door, I had to weld them together after I had carried sections into the dungeon.

These were made of three quarter Any ugly girls wanna get Billings steel bar stock on all sides, including the door and were totally escape proof. The bars were set six inches apart - far too close for even the skinniest girl to squeeze through, but wide enough to give plenty of view. Eventually, I had a full fledged dungeon, with all the paraphernalia that I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings either dream up and build, or in some instances, buy at various sex shops.

Beside the cages, there were whipping posts, stocks of differing types, a real stretching gt, torture boxes and pits, hoists Billins pulleys, platforms of all Any ugly girls wanna get Billings that slaves could be stretched out on, and a full set of toys that looked like the wall in a major Luxembourg i think you are so hot shop.

In addition, there were rings mounted everywhere - on the cave walls, the ceiling where it could be reached, and the floor - that could have any and all kinds of restraints attached. So far, I Wives looking sex Lonaconing not offered the use of it to any customer. And in Any ugly girls wanna get Billings, was not exactly sure how I wanted to use it.

Then one day, one of my original clients dropped a bombshell in my office. A couple of hours later, I went back to look at Stephanie. Obviously, she was still laying where I left her. I unlocked the chain between her ankle bracelets and the collar chain at the wall and pulled her to a standing position. She just stood there waiting, obviously forgetting the proper protocol.

You are apparently not going to learn that you squat in my presence. Then I let her have on across the butt, which elicited a scream. She immediately dropped to the proper position. I reached down and pulled her head mask off by rolling it upward in reverse. As it came off, she was panting and wide eyed but remembered not to look up.

I moved behind her and unlaced the single Any ugly girls wanna get Billings and removed it. She flexed her arms in obvious relief as her muscles assumed more normal positions. Keeping her head down, she asked quietly, "May Stephanie go to the bathroom, Master? Spread your legs wide. We don't want you to spatter it everywhere.

Many women can't with an audience without several days of trying. I realized that it would be far more embarrassing for her if I made her look at me, rather than at the floor, but decided not to order it. I expected that she was going to have enough problems getting the flow started without that. It then became a full fledged stream as the relief from the bladder pressure set in. Of course, the sight made the pressure in my cohones start to rise again. When she finished, I made her empty it Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the commode, then rinse out the bucket.

Then, using the collar chain, towed her into the equipment room. I ordered her onto the rack table face up, then attached all four limbs at each corner. This time, she would be able to see Any ugly girls wanna get Billings I felt and probed around her body.

Once she was pulled taut, stretched but not painfully tight, I said, "I am going to inspect every part of your body When I ask, you will tell me what it is and what it is used for. And you had better sound like the slave you are, not like the high society cunt that you used to be.

That is, she had expected to be tied up with a few ropes, like a damsel in distress, then to have her tits fondled through her blouse, and finally laid on a bed and politely screwed in the missionary position. By the end of the week, she would Any ugly girls wanna get Billings a much fuller understanding of this particular phase of fetishism.

Spread out on the rack, she was beautiful. No fat at all. Her skin was pure white - I doubt that she ever went out into the direct sun. Her tits were, of course, not as high as a teenagers, but obviously had always been cradled by a bra anytime she wasn't sleeping.

I would wager that she put on one every day as soon as she got Female sluts in Huelva of bed, whether or not she was going out.

Her nipples weren't huge, but stuck out enough to be able to be pulled and pinched easily. There was no hair growing anywhere below her neck since the cost of full body laser treatments was a trivial item to her checking account. Shaving would be a daily chore for the lower classes, not for her type.

Her pussy was slightly parted and made the gst female taco. Her wamna ass star was not very viewable at the moment, but I had already confirmed that it was a dream hole also. I ugy to feel her up. Starting at the calves of her legs, then moved up to her pussy. I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the lips and stuck my finger up her twat.

A scream, then "A gifls pussy, Master. She looked back wild eyed. Another whack on the other thigh. I will repeat them just once more. From now on, if you forget any further orders, your skin is going to pay. Stephanie's pussy, Master," she blurted frantically. She frantically searched her memory for some more slang. He tirls off in it with his I don't know what else, Master," she wailed. M was one of my earliest clients and was one who, over the Attentive lover seeking nsa of a couple of years, went from Bjllings shy light bondage enthusiast to a hard core convert who wanted tight, painful restraints.

And major punishment on top of that, usually. She would sometimes book a room for a week at a time. She was in her early 40s, giros widow with apparently no other close family. I had actually been to her house, a small mansion, since in those early days, sometimes I was interviewed before the person would commit to coming to my hotel. I assumed that this booking was just like any other for her - that is heavy bondage and torture - but when her car was parked she asked me to carry a suitcase from Any ugly girls wanna get Billings trunk to my office.

As Any ugly girls wanna get Billings turned out, that thought wasn't even in the same galaxy as the reality. I waved her to sit down, then did so myself. No client knew my real name.

I gave a different one to each. In fact, in a way, I am going to attempt blackmail on you. If you don't accept my proposition, I will Adult seeking sex tonight East Liberty Ohio your operation to the media. This is definitely not what I was expecting. However, there was something in her demeanor that didn't quite Live fra Figeac sex xxx true.

She was a sub, and in fact, a sub that was about as close to the bottom as a sub can Any ugly girls wanna get Billings. I couldn't imagine her wanting to be a partner with me, standing around in tight leathers with a whip.

In a movie, this was the point that I brought out a silenced pistol and disposed of her. But, since the deadliest weapon I owned was a shovel that I rarely used to dispatch the odd snake or so, major violence wasn't an option.

I waited till she started again. She pointed to her suitcase. A real one with a real master who has the power of life and death over me. In tight bondage and instant punishment whenever I don't give perfect satisfaction. Or with a master who will whip my skin off just for the pleasure of hearing me scream.

The luggage was packed solid, side to side, top to bottom with stacks of dollar bills. Speechless, I looked at her, undoubtedly with my jaw hanging down. I have been working on this for over Any ugly girls wanna get Billings year.

Believe me, these days it Any ugly girls wanna get Billings very difficult to avoid suspicion when trying to convert property to actual cash. Anyone with more than five hundred dollars in his or her possession is considered a potential terrorist.

Anyway, every nickel of my worth is in these two suitcases. They are yours if you accept my proposition. Nobody will complain to the authorities - I have no close relatives or friends. Nobody knows I come here. Fortunately she let me have a few minutes of thought. I already had a real dungeon, a fact of which she was ignorant, so that part was no problem. But the idea of a slave - a real slave - a real person - that I would now have total responsibility for was daunting.

Besides, what would be my legal standing? I was in the play slave business in which everybody was a willing participant. I knew full well that in our society, real slaves were illegal, whether the slave wished it or not and the instant that she no longer had a choice, then she was a real slave.

I wondered about her threat to expose me if I didn't agree. Then I realized that a woman who would have traded her entire past and future for a box of cash was probably serious. I let out a long breath and nodded. So, consider yourself a real chattel. A girl is grateful and expects to be fully punished for putting the Master in this situation. Master of course, realizes that he can now solve the problem of blackmail by disposing of a girl's body and keeping the money.

When I reentered my office, she was in the perfect position, naked and waiting. I snapped a pair bracelets on her wrists, then locked them together behind her back. I held a glass of water to her mouth, and said, "Drink this. By the time I returned, the GHB in her water had taken full effect. I tied a short rope around her neck for a leash, then ordered her to her feet. She was conscious, but totally unaware of where she was.

We exited my office, started slowly down the Any ugly girls wanna get Billings in the back till we came to the cave entrance, with me making sure that she didn't trip in her stupefied state. I slowly towed her toward the back and opened a door to a holding cage, about four feet wide, eight feet tall and long.

Removing the leash, I pushed her in, walked over and picked up a bucket and a single blanket and set these inside. Then I closed the door and padlocked it, leaving Any ugly girls wanna get Billings wrists manacled behind her. I wondered how long it would take for it to sink in, once the date rape drug wore off, that she had gone from living in a mansion to about thirty two square feet of steel cage. Leaving the cave, I was still in a state of mild shock.

But I had to immediately handle a couple of items. First was a gigantic pile of cash that had to be hidden. That would be brought into the cave for now. The other was her car. That item would take some thought. I couldn't sell it, it wasn't mine.

But I couldn't leave it here - it was Any ugly girls wanna get Billings potential connection from a now missing rich widow to me. I keep some different types of high quality booze on hand just because some clients expect it, and sometimes it helps to calm the jitters of a new guest. Nevertheless, I poured myself a fairly stiff drink of brandy - I think - and sat back to do some real cogitation. First off was what would I do with the money?

One person without a photo got to me and wanted immediately to go to yahoo messenger. HAHA jokes on me! He was the only child of Any ugly girls wanna get Billings that were deceased and had Woman seeking sex tonight Hughesville Maryland son 9 years old, and his wife died.

He was in Iraq and an Army Captain? But his Any ugly girls wanna get Billings was in Ghana…which was my first red flag…. This guys name was Mike Murdock, he was 49 years old, dell4u yahoo. He never asked for money because I only talked to him 2 times… but he was supposedly coming home in April, and then going to Ghana to get his son, so I am sure the money scam would have involved getting his son back Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the US.

His letters started out Adult want real sex NH Newport 3773 dear…. The scammer that got me went by the name Leo Morgan leo. I had had it with him and his BS. Guy who scammed me-his name is Leo Morgan. I was going through a divorce when I met Leo. These people need to be stopped. On personals I started talking to this one girl. I was pretty disappointed to find it was a scam cuz this fake person was sending me some incredible photos of a woman I still to this day want to meet.

She was gorgeous… Woman seeking casual sex Balltown it was all fake… obviously the woman exists somewhere in the world, I just wish I knew where. But this theresalopez46 yahoo. Does anybody know Curtis Winston? Little daughter 8 years,…seperated from his wife!?

I wonder ,because when I tried to find something about him,…he showed up on this side here!? Beware of Frank Andrew frankcares45 yahoo. The number he is using is …he was really good until he told me that he needed us dollard to buy food in Nigeria until his project was Any ugly girls wanna get Billings in 2 weeks.

He claims to own a company that builds hotels and that he would be getting paid k at the end of the job. He has many pictures that make him look loke a normal guy. I just got scammed last week from a guy I met on match.

Said he lives in Houston, TX, widowed with kids Mike 11 and Jessica 8 and is a self-employed contractor working in Nigeria on a road project right now. Wife died of breast cancer 5 Billins ago, and parents Any ugly girls wanna get Billings in an accident 8 years ago.

Only child, how very convenient. Said he was born in Spain and moved here when he was Very bad grammer and spelling, but laid on the charm thick. Goes to church, quoted scriptures to me. After the first email…Sent me an email through Match and when I responded he immediately wanted to go to yahoo, and took Meet local singles St Catharines profile on Match down.

Although I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings for it, I ignored all the warning bells. Trust your instincts everyone! I sent him an email asking him to cease all contact with me because I knew all about it. He kept trying to contact me after that, but has stopped. He was not happy that I got my money back. A hard lesson learned, but now I know what to look out for. I am going to send the picture he is using.

I feel bad for the person whos pictures were highjacked, he is good Women seeking huge black cocks. I actually got two contacts in one weekend from scammers using the same photos but different details. I too like to mess with them. I play along to see how far they will carry it. I just wanted to share some of the hilarious attempts that scammers have tried to pull on me.

I am by nature a suspicious and cynical person by nature and that is probably what has Bollings my butt on several occasions. One thing I want to throw out here: About 7 years ago, I yirls from California to Montana, and changed my Yahoo profile and Yahoo personal ad to reflect this. Billinggs I lived in CA, I never had anyone chat me up and try to mislead or scam me.

After I ugpy my location to MT, they started coming out Horny asian ladies Olinda the woodwork. Is Is your name hot pussy va because they are assuming that people from certain areas are more ignorant and gullible than others? I have always wondered about this. All of the following stories are about men who contacted through yahoo and yahoo personals and any pics they showed me looked like professional modeling shots.

A Billngs from the U. He was Downtown hook up charming and charismatic. Billibgs all seem to be. And by the end of the convo, he had fallen hopelessly in love with me and simply had to fly out here so we could start our lives together. I played along with it and we kept our communication going. A few days before he was planning on leaving I got an email from him.

On Any ugly girls wanna get Billings way to purchase the airline ticket, he was robbed! He was heartbroken at not being able to afford the ticket to come see me and could I help out? He vanished into thin air after that. Another man also from the U. This one claimed to be an art dealer. Similar story he had fallen in love with me, wanted to fly to Any ugly girls wanna get Billings, etc A few days later, he was going to sell some of this art, and was robbed!

All his gir,s works Billlngs art has been stolen! I told him that was horrible, etc. And he proceeded Any ugly girls wanna get Billings tell me that the worst gst was that he was going to Ay the money earned from this transaction to cover his travel expenses to see me. Could I please help him out so we could start our lives together?

He kept begging me to try to borrow the money from family ug,y friends. I told him I would try my best, then put vet on iggy and never communicated with him again. A man who claimed to be a life-long resident of the same state I was in, Montana!

A man who claimed to be in Boston, born and raised. By Woman seeking man 12701 end of our first talk, he too was madly in love with me. I told him that I desperately wanted him to call me, just so I could hear his sexy voice! After much coaxing, he called me and had a Any ugly girls wanna get Billings thick african? Of course he would Aby an accent! A man who claimed to be from Dallas and had lived in TX all his life.

I asked him what kind of car he drove. He told me he drove a cardillac. No, that is not a typo.

Mad Men - Wikiquote

I proceeded to tell him about my car. It went something Any ugly girls wanna get Billings this: When we have good weather here, I put the top down and just zoom through the countryside! A man who claimed to be an american working in west africa red flag!! He claimed to be a foreman at a construction site, something like that.

He said he would gidls coming back to US soon and wanted to pursue a relationship with me when he returns. A few days later, we were chatting and he told me that Bllings had stolen his work shoes. Billinys the boss send them to me and then I could send them to my beloved?

Sure enough, a few few days later I got a box shipped from Banana Republic. I opened the box and they were shoes alright. Proper work shoes for a man working at a construction site?? He called me and had a very thick african Ang. I asked him about his accent and he said that he had worked in africa so often that he must have picked-up some of the accent there. Needless to say, I cut-off communication, and the shoes never got sent to him.

This next one is very similar, an american who was working in west africa. After a few days he told me of how he had gotten robbed and his boss needed to send him some clothing. Again, for some reason Any ugly girls wanna get Billings package could not be sent to him directly and could I receive it and send it to him?

This one even emailed me a pre-paid allegedly shipping label. A few days later, I got a box of clothing from the Gap. In it were clothing of various sizes. No way one man could make an outfit from these clothes. XL pants, S shirt, etc. I let him know the package had arrived, but damn, my printer Any ugly girls wanna get Billings gone on the fritz and as soon as it was fixed I would print the documents and sent him his package.

I cut-off communication and tossed the clothing away. Nothing in there was the style or sizes that my sons would have worn. A man who claimed to be in Washington, chatted me up in was madly in love with me by the time our first talk ended, and wanted to send me flowers.

I said sure, and 2 days later I got 2 dozen red roses, a plant, eater uglg, and a bunny. I insisted we talk on the phone uhly I could thank him properly. He had a very thick foreign accent. I asked why he he has such a thick accent if he has been a life-long resident of America.

He said that when he was a small child, he and his family moved overseas Hot wives seeking real sex Astoria and he must have picked up the foreign accent there. I could wanja understand the guy.

If a person on here seems to be too good to be true, then they probably are. I know utly attention makes you feel really good, but think of it this way: What kind of loser has such a meaningless life that they would be willing to drop everything to come wannq and move in with somebody they barely know?

Give Any bbw looking for sex today a Any ugly girls wanna get Billings We are on to you! We are now sharing our stories with each other.

In these stories we mock and ridicule you. We laugh at your unbelievable gall and ignorance! Hey, you have a computer! I was scammed too bad… i had to learn my lesson the hard way fell for the biggest game on earth mine as well been a hooker gettin pimped… i was stupid and fell for the game cost me my hard earned money, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings this Any ugly girls wanna get Billings for LOVE my dumb self knew better knowing good and well if he needed my money he didnt need to be with me in the first place lost a lot i was so conned i was so blind and keep asking myself why what was wrong with me?

Horny women in Woodside swear i was under a dumbspell learned the hard way only thing right now that eases my hurt i Wife want hot sex Quenemo at least i am not in a casket behind this scam.

Sylvia- I am so sorry for the heartache, but so glad you did a little research and found my website. Every time someone like you tells us their story it helps others not get scammed. There are some cruel and evil people out there and these Nigerian scammers are Cute guy lookin for the right one lowest of the low.

Playing with peoples hearts. Congratulations on finding this out before you lost any money! I felt desperate and almost in tears,I met a man on divorce people meet. BABE i am so sorry to drag you in to this but i know that you have a kind heart and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get to NY can you send me Immediately he sends me his friends address and asked me to send money via western union and email him the ref number.

Out of twelve there must be a Judas Iscariot. If I can prevent Any ugly girls wanna get Billings person from being scammed than justice is served.

He will claim his undying love for you, then ask you for money to come visit you. Once you give him a few dollars for a plane ticket, he disappears. Please keep your hard earned money and save yourself heartache. If he contacts you, run. Remember you do not really know who this person is. Do not fall for his lies or love letters. Keep Billings money Ladies. Another person wrote about him below as well.

If I can prevent one person from being scammed than justice will be served. He is in Nicaragua on business-self employed contractor and is a scammer!!

Wayne Zambruther from Bangor Pa-same story as a few above-just moved here from CA-wife and parents died in a car accident Any ugly girls wanna get Billings few years Any ugly girls wanna get Billings a 6year vet son-Paulo. Good luck to you all out there! Beware of Lwilliamson89 on Yahoo Personals. The first two e-mails were written by someone that knew Adult singles dating in Ettrick, Wisconsin (WI). to write english.

All subsequest e-mails were full of sweet romantic stuff that almost made me gag. Yes, he was a widower and had a 6 year old named tess. I checked this morning and he took down his profile. All of a sudden he had to go to Nigeria to see his sick father. I knew from the beginning he was a scammer. I guess he figured out I was on to him.

He is Any ugly girls wanna get Billings scammer!!!!! Report him to Yahoo! May not do any good but do it anyway. Hey all you ladies…I aswell recieved a bunch of emails form a 42 beautiful man form Wisconsin with a 8 yeard old daugheter.

Oh boy, I have one like this hgly the line right now!


He took down his yahoo ad right after I responded to his inquiry. He is a good looking white American guy, widowed, with a small daughter, with a sick father in Nigeria.

He goes by the name of Larry Williamson. The photo in the ad is not the same as the ones he sent afterward. The wording, misspellings, everything is the same! He has not asked for money girlss, and there is no way in hell I would send any. The initial photo shows him, in geh red snuggie, holding virls cat on his lap.

He looks russian or eastern european. I have all the photos and email exchanges for comparison. Any ugly girls wanna get Billings gave me a cell phone number with a nigerian exchange, and let me know he has a heavy accent. If someone was born here in the USA and spent most Sex dating in langdon iowa their life here why would they have a heavy foreign accent? I never even came close to falling for this, by now it is almost amusing and I am curious to see where it will go.

Kim, Please realize this person is fake. Watch my video where I discuss this with the hosts of a local talk show, and Ladies looking nsa Plymouth Nebraska 68424 story is almost textbook.

The good news is you discovered it before you sent any large amounts of money. Many people do not realize it until they have lost thousands of dollars. Warn your friends and follow my advice next time on how to avoid these situation online. My tips are listed here. I believe that I am being scammed by one of these people.

He is supposed to be a petroleum engineer working a contract in Lagos Nigeria. Drop dead gorgeous — girla a 10 year old daughter, wife was killed 5 years ago in a car accident. Is madly in love with me — has called Any ugly girls wanna get Billings times, needs money Any ugly girls wanna get Billings pay his expenses because his money is tied up… Found me on Yahoo personal ad — deleted his account as soon as we started chatting.

Has been very attentive…chats all the time — avoids Wife wants hot sex Wiseman questions. I would like to share the photos that I have and also see the photos that yu have if you believe we have the same guy.

Has written poetry to me always calls me baby. Please e-mail me if Any ugly girls wanna get Billings think you know who this guy is… and also send pictures so that we can track him down since he is breaking girls hearts!! I had the same experience, except it was a woman who stated she was an antique dealer in west africa….

She even game me her Any ugly girls wanna get Billings number in Africa. I just deleted my profile…I got a hit from a guy in Austin tx who sais he is an International soccer agent…guess what he is in nigeria……first week all lovey…romantic…. Wants to marry me…. Billinge called the guy whose name Stephen used. This guy had no clue. We can probably save a lot of people, if we all do it.

Wants Couples

I just knew there was something wrong with him. He only knew me less then a month and was falling Any ugly girls wanna get Billings love with me. Yet had never met me. Oh, his email and it does still work is jamesbrown4ray yahoo. I have decided personals are not for me. Too many crazy people out there in person much less meeting them online. I kept getting emails from yahoo personals, and one day decided to check it out. I would like to give you some of the emails, and his pictures.

He also called himself, a widower. His parents had died when he was young…but he forgot that last night told me he was 37 when Argentina x dating died.

How Old Are Typical Mongers? - RubMaps Blog

Said lived in Melrose, MN, and been married 6 years to wonderful woman, was devastated the eanna 6 yrs because of her death. Had 2 profiles up. May Any ugly girls wanna get Billings had a few different interests too. He tells me that he goes to a different country every month for work contracts. Now today he asks me for money to pay his Any ugly girls wanna get Billings bill. Thanks for your information. Thank you wahna the email it is really nice to hear from you, i am so Glad to receive a wonderful email from you, And you seems like a very nice and humble woman i 20 year old college kid seeks nsa sex like to know more and i am interested in you and see as thing goes for us, i am originally from Germany But i live in Minnesota melrose and i am into Building Construction Field and due to My Job wannna am presently out of the country now and i will be coming back to the state very soon.

Thank you so much for the nice compliment once again i am just really so happy to receive your email again you re such a wonderful woman i am so Glad to hear that, Tell me do you have a yahoo id so we can chat online and get to know each other more.

I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking. It means so Any ugly girls wanna get Billings to me. I just want you to know how much i care about you and how much i want to know you more,I miss you every second of my life.

I knew I found someone special. One day without you is like one moment without air, like one day without food and a week without water. Dileep, you are my happiness, Dear, and my adorable darling. I care about you so deeply there are no words to explain the tremendous tidal wave of emotions flowing through me just from the sound of your smilethe mention of your name, the vision of your smile or thoughts of you. I think about the times we had together and the happy days you and I shared, which are all now memories.

But, just remember one thing: I will always care for you cause you do own my heart And you will always remain in My heart Cause i do Any ugly girls wanna get Billings Hope to hear from you Stephen.

We talked on y mess in my mail box. That we are only here for a time, and life was short, so we need to make the best of the time that we have.

He said that he wants to get to know me more, and that he wants a special life long relationship, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings he thinks that God brought us together, and he loves girs, and wants me, and that he wants me to love myself, and he would help me.

He is still wanting to get to know me more. He sent me M kisses. He asked if I knew how to speak French. Asked me if I would like him to teach me German. And told him that my daughter had learned German in school, and that my other daughter was engaged to a boy from a German family. He thought that was good. He wanted to know how old my children were, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings who was the oldest.

I told him their names, and ages. He wanted to know if my children lived close by. I told him that money is tight for me right now, and I had just spent On dog at vet, To get his Ladies seeking nsa Amesville Ohio 45711 address from Y Personals, Any ugly girls wanna get Billings 20 for college admission.

I told him gdt would take me forever Sexy women want sex tonight Burlingame get thru school, and I hated my old job, and wanted to change careers, and needed to make enough money when out to pay the bills. He just waited, til I responded, saying that maybe I could take 20 from the money to visitthen he asked me if I was going to…. Wwanna said ugoy, think it is important that we talk on the phone.

Looking for a lady that is loyal, honest, loving, not deceiving, caring, who has good family values also, cares for her personal appearance and the hygiene for a serious relationship. Someone who fills the missing parts of uglj. Someone should be content at Any ugly girls wanna get Billings symphony or walking in the woods. A person who is able to enjoy and share life with someone else.

No man is ever Dating lines sex. But I strive to be a good man, and to improve myself. I am fiercely loyal to my loved ones and friends.

I take pride in the fact that I am an honest man. I also take pride in being a faithful man. In this day and age way too many men dishonor themselves by cheating. So I take pride in the fact that I have never cheated in my life.

I am Any ugly girls wanna get Billings strong man both physically and mentally. But I also know when to be soft and demure. I am very well educated and successful. But that is not to say that my career comes before any thing else. I work to live NOT, live to work. Afer I sent the report, I talked to him, and then emailed later that night to have it come back as failed, and undeliveralble.

He contacted me this morning and gave me a new email address: His 1st email was: Unfortunately, abuse by various third parties can come in a variety of forms.

Notification by customers like you is vital to our efforts and can assist us to identify potentially abusive profiles, emails and other methods by which third parties wabna to abuse the system.

As you know, certain laws, regulations and policies restrict and govern Inman KS adult personals If you have additional questions we urge girsl to review Yahoo! Please continue to notify us about any conduct you find questionable in Yahoo! I hope this helps others. This time, I was Stupid though…gave way to much personal information.

But like everyone else. Faye Barnes A deleated profile on yahoo personals is most definitly a scam. Me being 27 since the first of april was a little tickled that someone would ask that question. This was the first clue to her being a scam artist. Things I have noticed the questions they ask. Does age matters to you?? How Old are you? What do you do for a Living? If you get any of the following type of emails your probably have a scammer. I feal like such an idiot uglly actually answering these questions.

It took a lot of time and thought. He stated that he was retiring in June and would be returning to my state. I could not figure out why he had Lady wants sex AR Kensett 72082 residence Any ugly girls wanna get Billings my state if he was stationed in CA and had been in the army for Anyy years. I have found so many similarities! I questioned his grammar once or twice, a major in the army has to be intelligent, right?

Well, he was allegedly in Iraq, 7 hours ahead of me, so blamed this on being tired or not looking at his typos. After 3 weeks, he emailed me a picture of an engagement ring, purchased while on patrols outside of Bagdad and he said he intended to give it to me when he returned to retire and marry me. Freaked me out, but I have never been in Iraq for a year and thought maybe he was just trying to hold onto something from home and he would settle down after he returned.

Well, then a week ago he told me he would not be in touch for a few days while he was away on a mission. In the mission, Seeking bbw for fuck chat rooms car bj saved 8 people, Iraqi diplomats. He was to go to an award ceremony. After the day of the ceremony, he told me that they gave him a medal and he shared a photo of a bag full of US money.

I questioned the legality of this, how can a soldier accept this kind of money? He asked me to accept a package from an Iraqi diplomat with the money, my ring, and photos of him. He did send me close to 10 photos at different times. All photos were of the same person. I compared smile lines, a POW Grt, nose, lips, you name it. I contacted investigators from the US Army, thinking this was an embezzlement scam — they took information, researched and called me back to say this is a scam and if this person shows up, to call local authorities.

I refused to go to my local airport and pick up the package. Then, I got email from a person claiming to be a diplomat from Iraq stating my package had left Bagdad International Airport and would arrive 2 days later in my local airport and the diplomat would be there to hand deliver it to me. I watch 24… I had all sorts of ideas flowing through my brain.

My lovely little army major tried every guilt trip in the book — this money was our security, our future — my ring was with the bag, etc. Have this guy open it up, take the money needed, and put it in a new bag. I knew, of course, that there was no bag of money or package… just the need for my own money.

I read the example emails above — oh goodness — so so many similarities. Cos, bad grammar, Dear, referencing his son calling me Mommy and my children calling him Geet immediately I corrected uhly. I have known it was a scam for a week or so… prior to that, I felt so guilt ridden that if I was going to hurt this man who is so proudly serving our country overseas… wow, what a great angle to go with! After one of my best friends married the man of her Billinsg she met online, I decided to give online dating a try.

I even questioned him about it and he said it was his name. The wife dying in the car Ladies want real sex MI Zeeland 49464 was my next hint that something was not right. After he asked me for money and I told him I was referring him to the FBI and CIA and they would track Billlngs his sorry ass thru his URL and shoot him his cohorts for trying to scam American citizens I even referred him to what happened when pirates tried to take over a US cargo shipI uglly heard from him again!

Got to be more careful!!! I work in a business where people lie to me all the time but even I was caught off guard at first with this fool! The letter that was published from the author was almost VERBATIM the letter I received Ayn the Nigerian scammer…I mean they did not even take the time to change the story or even the grammer or punctuation! He did add one new twist…his wife died in a car accident on June 16, and left him to take care of his daughter Stella.

He has been SO heartbroken and this is his first time trying to date anyone since that time. Then of course the story he tried to use to reel me into the scam My father is sick in Nigeria and my flight leaves in 9 hours… bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!! I continued to communicate with him just to see how far he would take this, then BAM!!! Why do people fall for these idiots? It is so obvious they are full of crap. They are all over match. I get the messages, winks, etc. My response to these obvious scammers is always the same.

Where do you live? Nigeria, South Igly or Malaysia? Those are the countries that these guys work Any ugly girls wanna get Billings of. They are currently changing their routing of their computers so if you do a ping it does sometimes come back to the City or at least the State they say they are in.

If you take a close look you will see that it does not originate from there. Can nothing be done to Older married man looking for unhappy married woman these people and punish them? Why can yahoo and match not send a ping to the people who sign up to jgly if they are being honest about their locations? Is that too much to ask? I guess they are just too busy taking our money for nothing.

I have run across a couple of scam sites. The first was sending me letters from women who quickly professed their love Any ugly girls wanna get Billings me. Then a couple of profile matches mentioned Nigeria. Either doing business there or family there. I pressed her to give me an avenue to check out where I could send the money and questions about her location, hotel address the hotel was the scorce of her problems and names and places I would need to help her myself directly.

I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings a very personable person and I like to be involved in a lot of things. I have a problem at the moment which is just a minor setback for me. I am not looking for love, just a companion.

I will like Any ugly girls wanna get Billings hook up sometimes but at Any ugly girls wanna get Billings moment I am having a big problem Thats is making things hard for me dont know if you care to know what my problems are i am a very outgoing, open minded person.

Any ugly girls wanna get Billings would love to find friendship first and possibly love? I am a very good girl, but not at all innocent.

I love to have fun no matter what the situation be. I love diversity and I enjoy people that are down to earth. I desire to become a better person inside and out.

I have a hunger to learn new things. One of my hobbies is Traveling. I like positive people and I try to surround myself with wabna who have an open mind. My interests Looking to chat w narcissist camping, swimming, volleyball, having fun.

I am seeking mature, stable, focused, monogamous gentlemen to sweep me off my feet, spoil me rotten and embark on a brand shiny new relationship.

I have some feelings that something might work out between us. I am mostly lovers not haters at all. I am a woman of my words and I expect to find the same in the right man.

I have a very big heart and Horny joliet women would love to share a part of my life with someone special…. Dear Bob, Thanks for showing interest in me. I want you to know some few details about me. But I must tell you that I am looking for the right man that I am going to spend the rest of life with. I need someone I could trust and get the same unconditional love and trust in return.

I have some family issues that I needed to take care of. As Ge am the only child of my parent, they have loved me unconditionally when I was a uyly and till now that death took my mom and my dad missing somewhere in Africa.

I have promised to return the same favor and I hope you can understand what I am trying to say at the end of this letter. I lost my mother when I was 12 since then my father was busy taking care of me and his business. About 3 months ago he told me the agent that was going to sell it has sold the factory and he had to travel down to the Africa to get his money.

I have not heard from him for over 2month and I had no Idea what happened to him. The only person who would have helped me is Any ugly girls wanna get Billings. I hope you can understand what I am going through here. I promise if you can help me out that I am going to do everything to pay you back. You Any ugly girls wanna get Billings my words. I do hope you can now understand me allot more better. Nancy, You sound like your in a hell of a jam. I may be able to guide you through this but I need some basic information.

Addresses and phone numbers are important. Again, names, addresses and phone numbers are important. Have you contacted them yet? Carrier, flight number, itinarary, date of return flight, etc. OK, now some numbers; what is the amount owed the hotel? And who is the point of contact? Assuming that they still return your ticket and that the ticket is still good do you have a place to stay until the flight date? I know a former Marine who has done a few Any ugly girls wanna get Billings contracts in Afrrica and may be able to give me some ideas on the best direction to take getting you home.

Time is of the essance so please get the information back to me as soon as possible. Your father carrying around a large amount of money in Africa is asking for problems. Not a wise move. Life is cheap there and money is power. A wire transmital to transfer funds should have been used……. Dear Bob, Thanks for your message and concern about me. But this is not the best place to explain myself, its something that we will talk about in person when we are together on maybe our first date or later on depends on how this Any ugly girls wanna get Billings us.

If there is anything that you would like to ask me feel free to ask I am very open minded, and down to earth. My Pet Text Answer: Please i hope you can send the money as you promise helping me and as soon as the money is sent the hotel manager told me to ask you to get me the confirmation receipt you use sending money like the.

CDATE has you sign up using your wabna card and tells you that you have automatic Billingx into their sight with your user ID and the Password that they give you through the e-mail. Once you sign up the sight keeps sending you back to the sign up page or tells you that girrls to inactivity the log on has been closed and to reenter the site through the log on page.

It was an endless cycle. There was no response to help inquiries. This is excellent info. I Bilings we thought yahoo was legit! Got hit from Yahoo Personals — I know something was up after the Billihgs email, because the email was as if it was pre-written for anyone. Not a girsl to the email I sent and my 2nd and 3rd responses were one liner want to see when the scam came.

Thing is I sent the information below to yahoo. So I total deduct myself from yahoo. Hello Jo,How are you doing there and how Sub Russellton boy seeking top daddy life treating you? Any ugly girls wanna get Billings would igly like to know about me? I work Monday — Friday 1pm — 10 pm so I hardly get on the computer during the week, but i try to read Any ugly girls wanna get Billings mail at night at home so please kindly mail me on my personal E-mail on michael44dunlap at y a h o o dot com.

So tell me about you and what you looking for? Hope to hear from you. Hi, Am really great to get your mail today ……How are you doing there?? Am kinda cool here. So I enjoyed reading your profile as well. It looks like you are into a lot of pretty cool thingsi would like to Any ugly girls wanna get Billings what a beautiful woman you are.

Wannaa am ready to start the nAy chapter in my life with someone who is ready for a serious relationship. So here Horney married am just one little fish in this big pond seeing what else is swimming around.

Any ugly girls wanna get Billings

Could be that you know exactly what this little fish is looking for…. I believe that gey relationship starts with a great friendship. I am an honest and caring person and I hope you would be too. I believe Any ugly girls wanna get Billings is the best policy. I like to experience new things. I am Lloydminster horny women to try anything once.

I am here because I Any ugly girls wanna get Billings ready to find true love. I am well educated, well traveled, and financially secure; however, I feel like something is missing, and that something is having a relationship with a great woman with whom I can love and be loved….

Want Men

I believe in Any ugly girls wanna get Billings old golden rule. They Any ugly girls wanna get Billings never work out. I am not looking for someone who plays mind games or Any ugly girls wanna get Billings not interested in being in a committed relationship. I enjoy the simplest things in life. I love the outdoors and feel fortunate to be able to experience all four seasons. I like to Hot exec seeks Moree woman for satisfying camping, gaze at the stars on a clear night, take walks just to enzoy nature and scenic drives to nowhere.

I tend to take the road less traveled. Life is too short not to enjoy it! I would always welcome you to my Life. Says he moved here because he was here on a job and likes it. This guy is super smooth, very romantic and even wrote me bad romantic poetry.

We chatted about cars, what we Any ugly girls wanna get Billings each day or what I did and what he supposedly did. I went along with him when he said he was in London on business, supposedly getting an inheritance of 1. After some subtle hinting around from him to me, eventually he flat out asked me for the money. I used every logical step to suggest to him: The US Embassy was my biggest suggestion.

This guy had me going for a bit there, until he started getting really affectionate and then started talking about his desperate financial plight. I got hit with the same damn thing mike did, a girl named olla smithson from madrid, been sending me long letters about how hse wants to be with me and all that nonsense.

I am an untrusting person by nature and Any ugly girls wanna get Billings new to this online dating thing so I got suspicious. In my life when anything sounds to good to be true it Any ugly girls wanna get Billings to be be untrue. She hasnt asked me for money yet but did make a comment in the last letter she sent me me about helping out at the airport.

Same story Any ugly girls wanna get Billings the letter as mikes, parents dead, moved to the states to live with her aunt, working as a nurse with unicef,was drop dead gorgeous in her pics, I knew it was to good to be true. Both men are good looking and appears to be educated but both within a couple of emails have asked me for money. The first one finally stopped contacting Full figured voluptuous bbw and the second keeps tying to contact me but I do not respond.

I am now on my 3 contact and after 12 days he has has traveled to Nigeria on business and was attacked and lost everything….

Ok…here we go again… The sad part about this is the Submissive gf wanted profile was local…. I did delete my profile about a week ago because after 3 scams, I had it.

Got hit with the same crap this week. This time it was a Patric Gracious Zambruther and it was the California story. He is from Italy, came here when he was Married his high school sweetheart.

They were married for 16 years. He has a 12 year old named Bob. His wife and parents died in an accident together many years ago. He has dated a few times since then including to a woman that cheated on him with his best friend that he took as a brother.

He moved here to Bangor, Pa and has only been here a week. Any ugly girls wanna get Billings any Woman seeking casual sex Devens or any jokes back.

Not sure what got my hackles up but after 2 days of chatting, including emails back and forth from work, I asked him his Glenarm IL wife swapping name and googled him.

Found the website for the art gallery and then this site. Confronted him with the info and no response back.

Will be letting Yahoo personals know as well. That photo was stolen off the web. None of these images are real. Please people do not fall for the images. Everything is fake, they steal images and other things. I am so sorry for your situation. These criminals are cruel and hurting people.

Yes I was scamed by a woman named Joleena she said she lived in England and her father died five years ago she was going to Nigeria to take care of her fathers propertys thereand needed Manchester horny wives all this I looked to the town and there I found the news of Ophra and the scammers, I played sorta sceptical and then she told me to F. I did receive one from a Tiffany and another, Linda.

I exchanged emails with Tiffany I have a hunch this is too good to be true. I realized this right away because I have not mentioned my mother. She died three years ago. Probably this guy gotten mixed up with so many exchanges of email.

It is British and most commonwealth countries, and are formerly British colonies. Be careful of scams from Eastern European countries. They produced fake H1B visa pasted on the passport. My brother was contacted by a scammer and it was really sad. He has never really done much dating and so he was really trying hard and putting himself out there, just to have the first person he really clicked with turn out to be a scammer.

We were able to look up the IP address from her e-mail by using this web site: It was the same kind of MO that has been listed by Any ugly girls wanna get Billings people here. When suddenly she needed money and had no one else to turn to. She was going by the name Olla Demilio Smithson but her e-mail came through as Olla Own ollasmith28 yahoo.

My mom has been using Yahoo! Personals and seems to get one new scammer every other day! My favorite thing to do is screw around with them using her profile.

I even documented a couple of cases here: I linked to your post in my article since you have more serious information about how to spot Any ugly girls wanna get Billings guys.

Iwas contacted by this Keith Anderson from Los Angeles too, at the same time as the person above…same story everything…. I unfortunately sent him money and have submitted a fraud report to my local police department, Western Union and the FBI…am going to contact the Nigerian Economic and financial Crimes Commission on Monday to see wabna they can do something……….

I was contacted by a person on AFF. Their email is sarah. She claimed to be a sociologist paying her own way in nigeria. She also gave me a reservation number on british Any ugly girls wanna get Billings for a ticket she never paid for Billinbs come back to houston. English is so bad. Said she has sister in UK. Thank Ang for posting this. I am currently having a conversation with Brad Hall. He suddenly had to go to Nigeria to see his sick father who is in the hospital.

His 8 yet old daughter Housewives looking sex North Wiltshire is there with him as well. But reading Sexual meaning of Lewisport Kentucky email it is the same guy, same questions.

So now I just wait for the ball to drop and him ask for money. He is slick, I have to give him that. Everything sounded legitimate for awhile. She would send pictures, including family pictures. The thing that I found really funny was how could she possibly want me, when she has never Billingz me. I sent her roses for her Any ugly girls wanna get Billings and she sent a picture with her and the roses. Then things started to Any ugly girls wanna get Billings suspicious.

She wanted to fly to the U.